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Hello! I’m Gwen Fowler-Berken 

Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist

Gwen is a nationally certified Speech and Language Pathologist and holds
licensure in North Carolina and Georgia. She completed her Master’s degree
at the University of Texas – Dallas in 1998.  She has worked as a Rehab
Manager and Clinical Speech and Language Pathologist.  She has enjoyed
working in multiple settings including acute hospitals, rehabilitation
hospitals, outpatient clinics, long term care settings, and public schools.
She specializes in expressive and receptive communication delays and
disorders, speech delays and disorders, cognitive deficits, swallowing
disorders, voice and fluency disorders. She has several years’ experience in
working with neurogenic, pathological and psychogenic disorders as well as
developmental disorders.  She enjoys treating people with communication,
cognitive and/or swallowing difficulties to increase their ability to
communicate their wants, needs and ideas; assure the highest level of
cognitive abilities which increases safety awareness/memory in their
activities and extends their independence in daily tasks; and to assure
people are on the least restrictive diet via treatment and diet analysis
which reduces the risk of pneumonia and dehydration.  She is LSVT and Vital
Stim certified.  Specific areas of expertise include Stroke, Parkinson’s
Disease and other progressive diseases, Dementia, Alzheimer’s Disease, Vocal
Diseases and Disorders and children with speech and language developmental
delays or disorders such as cleft palate, apraxia and autism.

Hello! I’m Angela

Licensed Speech/Language Pathologist

Angela graduated from Western Carolina University with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science and Disorders. She earned a Master’s degree in Communication disorders at Western Carolina University. She has experience working in a variety of settings, including preschools/daycares, homes, clinics, and schools. She is skilled at providing therapy for various speech and language disorders, including:language, fluency disorders, voice disorders, and childhood apraxia of speech. Angela also enjoys working with children on the Autism Spectrum, and is experienced in proving both individual and group speech therapy to help those children learn and use appropriate communication and social skills. While working in the schools, Angela received specialized training in supporting children with disabilities from culturally diverse backgrounds and the implementation of Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), an alternative augmentative communication system for children with autism. Angela holds her national certification from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association, as well as her license to practice speech-language pathology in North Carolina.

Angela currently lives in Franklin with her husband, Kevin, and two sons, Kade and Kyle. She looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and your family!

Hello! I’m Gwen Dreyer


Speech/Language Pathologist
SLP CF applicant 

Gwyneth Dreyer “Gwen” is a clinical fellow Speech and Language Pathologist who graduated from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio.  She is a new addition to Gwen’s Speech Therapy and has several clinical experiences with different populations.  She has enjoyed working in acute care settings, school settings and private clinics working with adults and children with communication, swallowing and cognitive difficulties and disorders. 

Gwen is excited to join our team.  She has spent time in Western North Carolina and is eager to get back to the beautiful area.  She comes to our practice highly recommended by her supervisors at her clinical practicums and university.  We look forward to adding her to this growing team! 

Hello! I’m Denise


 Denise has been a valued member of our family since 2019. She has extensive education and experience in both the medical field, as well as business operations. She earned her AAS in EMS from Davidson County Community College in 2011, then quickly continued her education to receive her AA in Business from Wayne Community College in 2012. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree with Western Carolina University. She passionately believes in our mission to provide the highest quality of patient care in a compassionate environment that provides exceptional client service and education. As the Office Manager, she ensures the smooth operation of the practice with in-depth knowledge of medical billing, patient services, schedule management, and numerous other administrative tasks. In her free time, she enjoys time with her family and nieces, Alaylah and Adaley.

Hello! I’m Bekah

Bekah  is a Franklin High School graduate and is very proud to live in western North Carolina! She has extensive experience as a nurses aid in health care facilities. She is a wonderful asset to Gwen’s Speech Therapy, bringing with her the healthcare knowledge combined with excellent computer skills to aid in the efficient flow of our daily activities. In addition she is our website designer and also heads up out marketing department. In her free time, Bekah enjoys spending time with family and frequenting the many beautiful lakes in the area.