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Adult Services

Speech services for adults can be comprised of all or just one of the following area: memory and safety awareness difficulty due to aging, dementia, or brain injury. Communication difficulty due to stroke, brain injury, dementia, Parkenson’s Disease, other neurological diseases or unspecific disorders causing communication difficulties

Executive Function & Language Processing

Gwen’s Speech Therapy has licensed therapists that are skilled in assessing and treating cognitive difficulties in school age as well as adult populations.  Executive functioning skills are the basis for planning, organizing, initiating and following through with all tasks, assignments and problem solving inside and outside of school.  Many students who forget assignments, are disorganized, can’t complete long-term assignments, have trouble focusing and experience difficulty with change often have weak executive functioning skills.  Processing and attention skills are also important skills to have in daily activities both at home and at school.  Processing information given, both orally and written, is a key to understanding language and being able to function in a classroom or social setting.  And attention is a critical skill to have in order be able to process and retain information given.  At Gwen’s Speech Therapy, cognitive skills and strategies are taught and practiced in order to aid in success both in the classroom and out of the classroom! The clients benefit greatly from being taught skills and strategies which will aid in successful academics and life afterschool!  These are necessary skills and are the foundation for many other skills, so it is important to begin early


Child Services

Speech services for children can be comprised of the following areas: Articulation/phonological disorders, Developmental Apraxia of Speech, launguage/communication disorders/delays, social disorders/ executive function, auditory processing, vocal disorders/vocal abuse, fluency(stuttering), dysphagia (swallowing difficulties)

At Gwen’s Speech Therapy, we believe in the future of speech and language therapy!  We partner with the Western Carolina University and utilize graduate students.  These students have classroom and clinical training from the university and are one step away from becoming competent therapists.  WCU students are under supervision from our licensed therapists.  The licensed therapist supervises and approves each individual client’s session, supervises sessions and documentation of measurable goals and overall session details.  It is a great opportunity for the student to have experience with private practice as well as for the clients to be exposed to different therapists. 

Our Approach

    We do not believe in one general broad-spectrum approach because every person that come through our door is a unique individual with their own set of needs. We believe our clients deserve the best care possible, that is why we pride ourselves on getting to know each and every one of our clients to build a unique approach tailored to the individuals goals and needs.

        Some skilled interventions include: the Hayden approach, the Milue approach, Laura Miz  activities,Picture Communication System, Oral Placement Therapy, Voice Intervention, Cognitive Rehabilitation, Swallow Right, Vital Stem, Fluency Intervention, Cycles of Phonological  Processes, LSVT


"My children have gone to Gwen for speech services for 3+ years now, Gwen is amazing and I highly recommend her! any questions or concerns I had regarding my children Gwen has helped me get pointed in the right direction and provided the services they need!

Amanda Breedlove

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Brad: Age 27

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Jane – Mother: Age 36

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